12-1/2" Progressive 412 Series Shock Set

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Chrome 12-1/2" Progressive Suspension 412 Series shocks are manufactured from the finest material available. Features a black finished inner body.
Magnum 412 Series chrome shocks are nitrogen with six-stage automatic damping and an adjustable spring preload. Shock cartridge is black. All shocks are measured eyelet to center of eyelet. Mount studs not included with shock sets. *Note: Stock length for FXR, FXD, 1988-2003 XLH 883, 1979-1987 XL. When installed on FLT models shock is 1/2" shorter than stock length. When shock is installed on 1988-2003 XLH 1200 & 883 it is 1" shorter then stock length Warning:Installing a lowering kit or shorter shocks will decrease initial ground clearance. The motorcycle will be lower to the ground and care should be taken to avoid bottoming, especially over bumps or in turns.

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VT No 

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Manufacturer Progressive Suspension
Origin USA
2022 Catalog Pages 53
Tech Note
Shocks measured from center of eyelet to center of eyelet.


XL 1979-2003
FLT 1985-2005
FLT 1980-1984
FXR 1985-1994
FXD 1991-1994

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