200 Retro Replica Wishbone Frame

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VT No 
Exact Replica of the original style frame only updated to accepts flat side gas tanks. Frame has many options for the look you want! Frame will hold a Evolution, Panhead or Shovelhead engine with 4-speed or 5-speed transmission.
Accepts all Big Twin engines, 140-200 series rear tires with a chain drive. Will also fit 5-speed transmission. Knuckle or Flathead engines can be installed with use of additional front engine mount spacer. Frame has 1987-1999 type caliper bracket weld in place. Features a 30° rake and +2" raised neck. Features forgings which make the frame much stronger. Will not accept a seat post. Accepts a 3/4" rear axle and transmission mount plate. The frame is taller in the engine compartment to house theEvolution and TC-88 thru 110 motors. Rigid mount 5 and 6 speed transmissions with the aluminum inner and outer primarys, check height of transmission plate for correct primary alignment. Retro V-Twin rigid frame accepts solid mount TC-88 engines, using steel motor mount, available separately. Include the replica tool box mount bracket, welded in place. Frame may require modification to the motor mount holes for correct alignment and for clearance in the front rocker box area. Suggested to pre-assemble with inner
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