95" Twin Cam Piston Set Standard

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VT No 
Keith Black piston set is standard size and is for a 3.875" bore. Piston set has a compression of 9.3:1 and includes rings.
The Keith Black 390 hypereutectic alloy is cast in a permanent steel mold which makes it possible to build a light weight piston that makes more power and uses less fuel and lasts longer. Pistons are standard size, for a 3.875" bore and has a 9.3:1 compression ratio. The low heat transfer of the alloy keeps the skirts cool so piston expansion is minimal. The combination of a low heat transfer piston alloy and high compression ring placement increases power and economy. The high ring placement alone reduces detonation and increases the top ring temperature. **Note:Run engine at moderate speeds for at least 500 miles, avoiding excessive running in lower gears, in order to properly break-in new pistons and rings.
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FLT 2007-2016
FLST 2007-2017
FXD 2007-2017
FXST 2007-2017

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