97" Wiseco Piston Kit

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VT No 
For 1999-2017 Twin Cam 88", 96", 103" bored to 1746cc (106 cu. in.) with 4-3/8" stroke crank (except Twin Cooled models) (10:1 compression flat top).
Kit includes Armor X coated pistons and top end gasket kit. **Note:Run engine at moderate speeds for at least 500 miles, avoiding excessive running in lower gears, in order to properly break-in new pistons and rings. *NOTE: 1999-2006 applications will require crankshaft to be changed to 4-3/8" stroke.
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FLST 1999-2017
FXST 1999-2017
FXD 1999-2017
FLT 1999-2017

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