Accel Hi-Flow Chrome Petcock Straight with Nut

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VT No 
Accel hi-flow petcock assures that your bike will not starve for fuel at high RPMs.
This straight spigot petcock features a 100 micorn screen filter, on/off switch and reserve switch. This petcock is an easy cure for high RPM fuel starvation that causes detonation and engine failure. Designs are made for a seated position on the motorcycle with the outlet facing a direction to ease fuel line hookup.
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FX 1975-1984
FL 1975-1984
FXR 1982-1994
XL 1975-1995
FXD 1991-1994
FXST 1984-1994
FLST 1986-1994


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UOM 1 - EA
Height: 5-1/2"
Manufacturer Accel
Origin USA
2022 Catalog Pages 1194

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