Hap Jones Peanut 2.2 Gallon Gas Tank

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VT No 
Hap Jones peanut gas tank has a right side petcock opening, and a fuel capacity of 2.2 gallons. Includes small vented cap and front + rear tab mounts for top of the tube mounting.
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Custom application


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UOM 1 - EA
Top Length: 20" Length Bottom: 17" Width Rear: 3"
Manufacturer Wyatt Gatling
Origin Imported
Style Axed
Other Notes
Width Front: 8" Height Rear: 3" Height Front: 9"

Height Tunnel, Front: 3-3/4" Height Tunnel, Rear: 2" Tunnel Length: 19"

Tunnel Width Front: 2-1/2" Tunnel Width Rear: 2-1/2" Tunnel Width Middle: 2-5/8"

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