Rattle Bomb Spray Kit Burgundy

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Burgundy Rattle Bomb spray kit includes 3 colors: cherrie pie base, cherrie pie flake, wino kandy and a clear coat. Roth flake cans are a super convenient way to lay down serious flake without the hassle of a spray and clean up.
Kit is ideal for Peanut and Chopper fender set! For maximum coverage we suggest using the whole kit. Painters can get a big sparkle look with small flake (.004"). The coverage of a single can of Base and Flake is about 5 square feet per can. For the kits, each can goes on top of the last, so we estimate coverage at 5 square feet. Generally for a motorcycle (tank and two fenders) we recommend 3 kits. Note to use a single kit for a tank. These can flake aerosolas have tiny flakes that need to be layered. You need a good primer coat and solid base coat. The base coat should match your flake coat if you want to achieve a saturated uniform color. One can of flake over the same color base coat will have a very low flake saturation. Several cans of flakes are needed for a super saturated effect.Always paint in a ventilated area. Use a test panel before you start. These are professional grade paints recommended to use by a professional. Sold in a set of four.
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